3 Ways To Water Your Plants More Effectively By Spring River Nurseries

3 ways to water your plants more effectively by Spring River Nurseries


Lola Tillman

It\’s a fair assumption that the early demise of plants is usually due to lack of water. Especially in summer when the sun is hotter, causing water to evaporate quickly.

All plants that grow in soil require some degree of moisture, always. They should never get completely dry. The one exception is during resting season of certain plants that go dormant. Alternatively, your plants should not hang about, sopping wet.

Plants continually absorb moisture through their roots. If the soil is allowed to become totally dehydrated, plant roots dry up and die. Being constantly wet is just as dangerous, because it ferments, sours and roots rot.

The most important factor of how to water your plants is to discern when the soil is almost dry. Exceptions are cacti and a few succulents. When you\’re in the beginning stages, defer to the rule of gardening: plants thrive in soil that is always on the moist side.


1. Drip Irrigation System

The drip irrigation system is a modernized version of its older counterpart, the trusted soaker hose. You\’ll find easy-to-assemble kits at garden centers or on the internet. This hose-with-holes is laid alongside plant roots, releasing water to the prime source, the root system.

You\’ll also do your part to save the planet, as experts suggest drip irrigation preserves anywhere from 30% to 50% of water you would normally use. Another awesome feature is the timer, which appeals to laid-back gardeners and operates in your absence. Its spiffy built-in sensors are like plant psychics. They \”sense\” rain and cut the system off.

2. Soaker Hoses

Soaker hoses are a tried and true method for watering your plants. These are rubbery hoses, constructed from used automobile tires. They are placed 3-4 inches from plants and may be covered with mulch to help roots hold water.

Hose couplers are available, allowing you to connect two soakers to the same water faucet. Soaker hoses are cheaper, but more labor-intensive unless you invest in a separate timer.

3. Spray Wands

Container gardeners might prefer spray wands for portability and ease of use. Anyway, isn\’t the serious plant person typically \”hand\’s on\” about tending their babies?

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