Big Benefits Of Teeth Bleaching

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byAlma Abell

You may have heard the terms dental bleaching or tooth whitening used to refer to a process that is most often known as teeth bleaching. Long Island dentists have been using the technology for years to safely and effectively provide their patients with a white, bright and dazzling smile.

Yellowed or dingy looking teeth are one of the biggest reasons that people come into a dentist for cosmetic types of procedures. Teeth bleaching, Long Island dentists will tell you, is much different at their office than what you can expect from the home tooth whitening kits available at your local drug store.

In-office treatments offer additional safety for your teeth, including protecting the gums that can become extremely sensitive to some of the most common over the counter tooth whitening products and options.



When you make an appointment for the procedure you can expect to get some information at the time you book. Teeth bleaching is generally recommended for all patients that want the procedure, but it may not be suitable for some individuals, especially if there is other dental work to be completed at the same time. If you have any concerns or are coming in for more than one issue be sure to talk to the dentists and clarify any concerns.

Safety and Tooth Protection

Unlike home products, teeth bleaching at Long Island dentists will use bleaching products that are safe for your enamel and gums. Often the rapid whitening products use high levels of hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide or urea and, when used incorrectly through home treatments, can cause some damage over time.

Light can also be used for tooth bleaching. In this case a special agent is applied to the teeth that both protects and helps to limit sensitivity after the process.


It is normal to have some slight to moderate sensitivity in the teeth and gums immediately after a treatment. This is not a permanent concern and most patients will find that the sensitivity will last only a day or two and then everything will return to normal.

Typically teeth bleaching, Long Island in-office treatments, will keep your teeth white for six months to two years after the procedure. Depending on your overall health, oral hygiene routines and your individual response to the treatment it can even last significantly longer, making it a great investment in your smile and self-confidence.

To get that bright smile you have always wanted book an appointment with us for teeth bleaching on Long Island. Our website with information on the procedure can be found at.