Chia Seeds: Health Benefits In 7 Minutes}

Chia Seeds: Health Benefits in 7 Minutes


Alex Amari

The best thing about eating chia seeds is that they do not take any time to prepare. You can receive the chia seeds’ health benefits in under 7 minutes and boost your daily nutrition plan with very little energy.

Health benefits of chia include omega 3 (the highest quantities of any plant-based food), healthy proteins, dietary fiber and loads of additional nutrients. Chia is certainly nature’s complete superfood, and just by adding it in your diet you will delight in a boost of energy and good wellness.Experts suggest a daily serving of 15 grams of chia. This works out to about 1 level tablespoon. Here are 3 uncomplicated strategies to add this into your daily diet. Each meal takes fewer than 7 minutes to prepare….and the chia takes no time at all to add!Breakfast ChiaFill a bowl with a generous serve of cereal, fruit, and yogurt. (I like to use unsweetened yogurt and drizzle with honey). Sprinkle with chia and serve!Bonus: Include a dash of luscious color with sliced strawberries and bananas, or a handful of sweet blueberries.Chia Sandwich MeltsThis must be the fastest lunch in the world! I love my electric sandwich press, but a toaster oven or full oven does the job just as well to prepare crisp, hot sandwiches.Here’s my favorite easy chia sandwich. I grab two slices of whole wheat bread and butter them. I sprinkle my tablespoon of chia over the buttered bread, as it sticks beautifully to the butter. Then I arrange ripe tomato slices, a slice of cheddar cheese, baby spinach leaves, and fresh basil. If I have them handy, I throw on some sliced mushrooms too.You don’t even taste the chia in a sandwich, so this is a nice way to add nutrition to your kids’ lunches too! Try it in cheese and ham croissants, tuna melts, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Chia SaladI enjoy crafting salads from scratch, but when I’m in a rush I just pick up a bag of prepared salad from the supermarket. There are two ways to add chia to your salads and enjoy a supercharge of nutrition:1. After the salad has been dressed, sprinkle the chia over the salad. The dressing will make it stick evenly and not fall to the bottom of the bowl.2. Add the chia directly to the salad dressing bottle and shake! This works with any dressing, whether its vinaigrette or creamy. Chia will make the dressing viscous and give it a fabulous texture. It enhances the flavor, but in a quite subtle way.Use your fresh ideas and be inventive! There are as many ways to get the health benefits of chia as there are recipes.

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Chia Seeds: Health Benefits in 7 Minutes}