Colon Cleansing And Ibs}

Colon Cleansing and IBS


Kevin AgrawalIrritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a functional disorder that causes the colon to be more sensitive to certain foods, medicines and stress. Many people confuse it with a disease but it can be defined as a complex gastrointestinal disorder that affects about one out of five people in America. That’s approximately 60 million Americans. It is more common in women than men, and symptoms usually begin in the early twenties. Symptoms vary from mild to severe abdominal spasms, bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation and mucus in stools. Most people suffering from IBS suffer predominantly from diarrhea. But there is a good number who suffer from alternating bouts diarrhea or constipation.Causes for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

It is a mystery, for the most part, why some people suffer from IBS. Possibilities include a sensitive digestive system that reacts violently to certain foods, medicines, and stress. Some research indicates that having a weakened immune system may play a part


. Abdominal spasms indicate that the normal motility of the colon may be impaired. This can result in stools passing slowly through the colon. The longer stools remain in the colon, the more fluids are absorbed and stools become hard resulting in constipation. It is noticed that IBS is related to stress, and emotions play a distinctive role.

Severity of symptoms varies from person to person . Some may find IBS tolerable, while for others, symptoms can debilitate quality living. It is said that IBS is second only to the common cold in the hours that it takes away from work and social activity, not to mention its disruption to travel plans and schedules.

Herbal Colon Cleanse Programs and IBS

Recent advances in scientific research show that fiber supplementation could offer relief to IBS sufferers


. Contrary to common belief, fiber is effective for relieving both diarrhea and constipation. Fiber is categorized as soluble and insoluble. It is the soluble fiber which offers benefits for those suffering from IBS. Soluble fiber helps to soften stool. It also helps to add bulk to stool formations. Both these factors aid in easing stool transit through the colon easily and painlessly.

To avoid constipation, doctors recommend a balanced diet, with at least 20-35 grams of soluble fiber every day, along with plenty of water. A daily exercise regimen of at least 30 minutes is a general recommendation by the American Surgeon General for all Americans. Even a half hour of brisk walking is beneficial to health and can help to relieve anxiety and de-stress the body. Relieving stress is very helpful for those who suffer from IBS.

Herbal colon cleansers offer potential relief of symptoms of IBS. Herbs such as aloe vera, have been studied extensively by scientists and are believed to help alleviate cramps, strengthen the immune system and soothe the intestinal lining.


Guar Gum helps to regulate digestion and diarrhea. It is particularly useful in helping to relieve systems of irritable bowel syndrome


. Chamomile Flower also helps to ease symptoms of IBS. Other herbs such as peppermint are carminative and help to release the discomfort of flatulence. Adding probiotics to your diet are associated to be promising therapies for IBS symptoms.


If you are suffering from IBS, ask your doctor about using an herbal colon cleanse programs that contain soluble fiber and nutritional herbs that can help to stimulate regularity.


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