How Do You Find A Reputable In Home Care Company?

How Do You Find A Reputable In Home Care Company? by Jonnelle Leimbach-12244When your elderly family member reaches the point of needing assistance, it’s a very emotional time for both you and your family member. In many cases your elderly relative may not look at the situation the same way you do, and the stress of the situation can leave you overwhelmed. Today there are many options available to you; and in many cases, in-home care may be the one with the largest benefits. But before you hire an in-home care provider, do your research. This person may spend a lot of time with your loved one. Make sure you trust the caregiver, and have confidence in the company. Here are 7 tips to help you find a reputable in-home care company. 1. Look at the reputation of the company. A quality senior care company will have years of experience and will have good standing within the community. Does the company participate in local community events? Are they active in a variety of community activities? 2. Verify the credentials of the owners, management, and officers. A quality company starts at the top. Spend time visiting with one or two of the management members, if possible. Or spend some time researching the company, and discover what impact they have made on the community. A quality company will have heavy ties with the community, and will have positive reviews in many places. 3. Verify the credentials of the in-home care representatives. Before allowing anyone into the life of your elderly relative, evaluate and verify his or her credentials. In today’s high tech world, it’s easy to Google a person and find out information good or bad. Be comfortable with the care representative before relying on them wholeheartedly. 4. Look at the company’s training requirements. What type of ongoing training do they provide for their caregivers? Keep in mind that different types of aides will have different levels of training. Select the agency that can provide you with the options you are looking for today. 5. Determine the payment options available to you. Does the company work with insurance providers and government programs? The more options available, the better connected the company may be. 6. Determine the fee structure and cost of programs. Reputable companies will have their entire fee structure specified in a simplified manner. You won’t find any ‘hidden’ costs, and everything will fit together in convenient packages. Make sure you ask about any additional fees, such as travel time, food expense for the aides, and any incidentals that may arise. 7. Determine the supervisory structure of the company. What is the communication process with the company? Many reputable in-home care companies provide you with an account manager, and allow you to communicate regularly with him or her. This person should be able to continually assess your needs, and provide you with additional resources, as needed.Jonnelle Leimbach is the co-owner and President of Seniors Etc, an in-home caregiver company helping seniors stay in their homes for as long as possible. Seniors Etc currently serves the Denver Metro area in Colorado, and provides a variety of services, including light housekeeping, meal preparation, medication reminders, hospice assist, respite care and companionship. Sign up for our report, How To Tell When Your Family Is Ready For Homecare at SeniorsEtc.comArticle Source: