La Stone Massage Therapy

Submitted by: Emily Taylor

The use of stones in massage treatments has long been a part of many ancient cultures. The Native Ameraicans and Asians practiced stone massages to both soothe the body and relieve pain. The modern version of stone massage was developed and formulated in Arizona by Mary Nelson, who trademarked it and called it the LaStone Therapy.

The LaStone Therapy is different from the traditional stone therapies in that it makes use of both hot and cold stones in the massage process. Hot and cold stones, when applied to the body particularly at certain points of the body are useful in providing soothing relief as well as relieving aches and pains in the body.

This system of stone massage uses basalt stones, which are volcanic stones known for their high iron content making it a good absorber and retainer of heat. Marble stones are also used to provide the cooling contrast. LaStone therapy is usually conducted with a combination of deep tissue massage.


LaStone therapy is extremely beneficial to the body and the advantages of using hot and cold on the body have medical and scientific basis. The hot stones cause oxygen to flow better in the area of application. This increases the metabolism. The cold stones on the other hand, get rid of congestion, inflammation and obstructions. The focus here is on balance, which boosts healing and rejuvenation. The therapy works on the physical body, the mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Alternating the application of hot and cold stones acts as a sedative and an energizer thus the mind goes into a deep state of relaxation during the duration of the massage. By combining deep tissue massage technique, LaStone Therapy makes it possible to penetrate deeper levels than regular massage would. It is used for people suffering from back pain and other stress related syndromes.

One unique feature of the LaStone Therapy is the benefits it offers to the massage specialist. One of the side effects of working in the massage profession is the stress and tension that affect the hands. The muscles of the massage specialist become sore and tense and sometimes, injured. The LaStone method brings relief not just to the client but also to the specialist as pressure is taken off their hands and the stones do most of the work for them.

LaStone pays attention to the wellbeing of the body but does not neglect the soul and the mind. It gives a holistic feeling of wellness to those who receive it and when leaves the client feeling totally relaxed and stress free. LaStone is sometimes combined with aromatherapy. When that happens, the benefits to the clients are innumerable.

In a nutshell, LaStone Therapy is a deep tissue healing treatment. But it is also used in relaxing the muscles and in treating acute pain such as back pain, arthritis and other aches and pains. It is used for relaxing and treating stress related illnesses and works to bring harmony, balance and revitalization to those who make use of it. Even more, it provides soothing relief to the practitioner and is the only massage system that benefits both the client and the specialist.

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