Perfect Place To Care For Dementia Patients

Perfect place to care for Dementia patients


Micky Botter

Dementia is a disease that defines memory loss in persons who have lost memory and is caused by various factors. This is not only associated with Alzheimer s disease but also with other diagnoses. It also defines loss of cognitive, intellectual, psychosocial functioning, general memory loss and perplexity that takes them to a place where they will not be able to do normal activities of daily s life in an easy way. The patients affected by this disease are bound to be taken intense care providing them affection. And so, they are advised for

Dementia Assisted Living



From the heath reports of assisted living, it has been estimated that nearly one third of the residents living here are affected by Dementia. For these types of patients, high level of security, care and love is provided. Once they are under the assisted living, they will never find a hassle in living and each and every health care of them is carefully done. Nearly 26 millions of people are affected by this disease every year. With an option of both medical care and residential benefits, many people want to leave their loved ones affected by Dementia to this place.

Some of the symptoms that occurs when the patient s disease progresses are mood swings, language breakdown and long term memory loss. It s an obvious fact that when people are at the initial stage of this disease, they can be taken care at home itself. But when the symptoms get worse, there s no other way than opting for assisted living for them.

A new method has been introduced for self screening of Dementia at home itself. If this disease has been detected or caught at an earlier stage itself, it can be stopped from progression and further treatments can be taken too. So, it is advised for the assisted living centers to make use of those ideas. This test is not a very big thing to learn. This is done just by the use of computer even for patients who are not technologically savvy.

With the change in time, a new approach to Dementia care has been done. By providing a blend of medical, physical and cognitive supports with an intense focus on personnel connections and individual needs,

Dementia Assisted Living

has become very necessary for senior aged patients. And hence, there have been much advancement in the technology too with the rise in the number of patients of Dementia. So, it s not a worry for people who are affected by this disease.

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