Rebounding For The Elderly

By Juliet White

Exercise is important at any age. It keeps the body fit and able to fight disease. It helps you process the nutritional benefits of the foods you eat. It stimulates the mind and body for greater energy and awareness. As we age, however, the exercises we do need to fit our changing conditions. Elderly people need exercise programs that are both stimulating and gentle on the body. Rebounding is the perfect exercise for the elderly.

Rebounding is performed on a mini-trampoline. Bouncing is a fun exercise with many health benefits. Because the trampoline is designed to give with each jump, it is a low-impact exercise, gentle on the knees, hips, feet, and spine.

Rebounding utilizes three forces gravity, acceleration, and deceleration to provide its health benefits. As you jump on the mini-trampoline, your body experiences weightlessness at the top of the jump, acceleration as you descend, and enhanced gravity as you land on the trampoline. The effect of these three forces is to stimulate the body in ways that conventional exercises can’t.


Rebounding oxygenates the blood. This exercise is shown to be 68% more effective in oxygenating the blood than other exercises. This is important for the elderly, who spend much of their time sitting. A few minutes rebounding brings oxygen back to the brain and body. It also gets the circulation going, moving blood to the vital organs and extremities and helping the body process food and eliminate waste.

What’s more, rebounding stimulates the lymphatic system, the system that is instrumental in removing toxins from the body. The elderly have special needs when it comes to toxin removal because of illnesses and the medications they may be taking. Rebounding will also increase white blood cell counts, thus working as a shield against new disease and illnesses. The shock-absorbing springs of the mini-trampoline allow for 87% shock-free movement. This means that it is gentle on both the muscles and the bones. At the same time, the exercise provided by rebounding builds muscle mass and strengthens the bones. These are especially important considerations for people looking to maintain muscle and bone strength as they age.

Because rebounding is such an efficient exercise, 68% more effective than other exercises, rebounding just 5 minutes a day can help restore and maintain health. This means even those with major health problems or limited mobility can gain the benefits of rebounding. The mini-trampolines can be fit with special safety rails to prevent falls. Because the mini trampolines are built low to the ground, all they require is one short step to climb aboard.

Research has shown that regular exercise is not only beneficial for the body but for the mind as well. Exercise brings oxygen to the brain, keeping us alert and sharp. Because rebounding is so efficient in providing oxygen to the blood, it is a great way to stimulate the mind. Exercise also makes us feel better about ourselves, leading to greater satisfaction throughout our lives and into our elder years.

The health benefits of rebounding are unparalleled. It is easy to do for people of any age. What’s more, it’s fun! Bounce your way to fitness, vitality, and long life.

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