Things To Remember About Succeeding In Stand Up Comedy}

Things to Remember about Succeeding in Stand-Up Comedy


Jordan Rocksmith

Getting your start in a career in professional stand-up comedy is not always easy. In fact, it can be downright scary. The thought of telling jokes to a large uninviting crowd who may or may not appreciate or relate to your humor can be daunting. If you are trying to break into the world of stand-up comedy, then consider these helpful tips to assist you in improving your act and getting over the fear of failure. And visit websites like to learn more about popular shows and venues.

Get on Stage

The most important thing you can do when trying to break into stand-up comedy is to get on a stage now. Don’t wait until you think you have the perfect act. Get all of the experience you can. Comedy is a “learn-by-doing” art that can only be learned by practicing and learning from mistakes. The more chances you have to perform in front of groups, the better you will be and the more confidence you will have. You can’t expect to perform at major venues right out of the gate. Instead, look for open mic nights where you can get plenty of practice. You will work your way up to the large venues.


Bombs Aren’t Always Bad

In comedy, you can’t be afraid to bomb a joke. Just know right away that not all of your jokes will land well with your audience. You won’t always be on your game and delivering every punchline with perfection. Instead, get over your fear of failure early in your career, and you will fair much better later. Bombing can actually be useful. You can learn from your mistakes and learn which types of jokes work with different types of audiences. Just make sure that when a joke doesn’t land, you work on your recovery time and getting the act back on track. Failure can be a powerful motivational tool in the world of comedy.

Don’t Throw Out all the Old

In comedy, it can be tempting to discard old material. But you should hold onto some of your old material because it’s your tried-and-true material. Make sure you keep your act fresh, but if you have certain jokes that work well with audiences, then keep them in your act and just expand on them or change them up a bit. Creativity doesn’t always have to come out of thin air.

Do Not Steal

Perhaps the most important piece of advice that you can remember is not to steal. Never take or copy material from another comedian. You will doom your career if you do. Always keep everything original. Sure, you can learn from other comedic greats. But make sure the jokes you tell are authentically yours. It’s not worth losing your reputation to get a few laughs from someone else’s joke.

Always Be Yourself

In the world of comedy, you should also always be yourself. Audiences can sense when someone is confident, and they will respond well when they feel a comedian knows he or she is funny. Part of being yourself is also sticking to material that you know about. If you have never ever set foot on a golf course, for example, then don’t tell golf-related jokes. If you’ve never traveled throughout Europe, don’t tell a long-winded funny story about European travels. Stick with what you know and what you’re comfortable with. The rest will take care of itself. These easy tips can help you break into the world of stand-up comedy. Make sure you also visit websites like to learn about popular shows and venues.Chocolate Sundaes,

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Things to Remember about Succeeding in Stand-Up Comedy