Tips On Applying Lawn Fertilizer


To keep a lawn looking and being healthy requires periodic feeding. When purchasing and applying Lawn fertilization In Virginia Beach, go with slow-release products, they are produced so that they release their nutrients into the soil over a period of time and not all at once. Slow-release fertilizers allow the lawn to feed itself as needed. As the nutrients are slowly leached into the soil, the root system will thrive, bare patches will fill themselves in and a lush thick lawn makes it difficult for weed seeds to germinate.

As a supplement to applying lawn fertilization in Virginia Beach, most lawn care companies will top dress the lawn in the fall and again the following spring, using loam or composted organic material.


The schedule that you follow for fertilizing the lawn all depends on the part of the country where you reside as well as the type of grass you have. A typical example is a home in the northeast with a lawn comprised mostly of Bluegrass with a mix of fescue and rye.

1. The first application will be in April, just before the grass swings into full growth mode. This application should be done in conjunction with an application of weed control and crabgrass control.

2. In June, apply a second application of fertilizer, mixed with weed control herbicides. This combination will maintain the turf but will control white clover and ground ivy which begin to propagate at this time of the growing season.

3. In July or August a third treatment of lawn fertilizer can take place. This application will get the lawn through the heat of the summer, fighting off the effects of drought and insect infestation.

4. The final lawn fertilization in Virginia Beach will be in the fall. This application will prepare the grass for the rigors of cold weather as well as give it a head start next spring.

As the year progresses and dates come and go; it is important to realize that not every application during the year uses the identical fertilizer. When you are preparing for one of the applications, ask a lawn care specialist at the nursery what product you should apply. Most plant nurseries stock the fertilizers that are required as they are needed. Follow the directions given by the nursery operator when applying it, the directions for application will also appear on the fertilizer bag.

When you are applying your Lawn fertilization In Virginia Beach, make sure you do it with a controlled flow spreader. When you are filling the spreader, do it off the grass, use the driveway and if you do not have a driveway, place a tarp on the grass where you will do the filling. If you fill on the grass, any overfill will burn the grass.

Professional lawn fertilization in Virginia Beach is available from Southern Roots of Virginia. Along with fertilization, Southern Roots can provide complete lawn care including periodic mowing and the application of pesticides and herbicides.