Tips To Improve Your Appearance}

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Tips To Improve Your Appearance



To succeed with women you must know the important of cultivating the right kind of personality to her, turning up sexual aura and transform the right message to her.

But to do this you can not just rely on your personality. You have to combine your personality with your appearance. Your appearance is really important especially true if you were not Brad Pitt.

Here what you have to do to make your appearance at the top notch.


1. Improve your posture.

Standing straight with shoulder widen will send the message that you are strong man with strong sexual appetite. Women always attracted to big well developed shoulder and your ass. Yes, your ass is your asset. It does count.

2. Smile

Yes. It is easy to smile. Just stretch your lips and show your teeth and you are smiling. But it is not the kind of grinning smile I meant here. You have to be able to smile naturally. When you smile naturally, your eyes will reflect the warmth of your personality and this is very contagious and as a result she will smile back to you.

3. Be fashionable

Pay attention on the clothes you wear. It does not necessary to be expensive and latest fashion. The importance is to wear stylish outfits that fit your particular body frame and coloring.

4. Body Hygiene and Grooming

Grooming yourself and make sure you have proper body hygiene. Dragons breath? Get rid of. Shaving, shower regularly and dont forget to put on deodorant. If you appear as a slob you are likely to attract snobbish women as well. If you groom and present yourself as attractive man, you well get attractive women you deserve.

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Tips To Improve Your Appearance}