What To Eat To Lose Weight Successfully

Submitted by: Chris Chew

Many people will like to lose weight to have a slim, attractive and healthy body. However, when it comes to doing it, they baulk at expensive gym memberships or the rigors of some starvation diets or at the idea of not being able to eat what they want.

Contrary to popular beliefs, losing weight can be a simple and uncomplicated matter. All you need to do is to bear this concept in mind. In order to lose weight successfully, you need to expand more calories than you consume. That is all there is to it. Over a period of time, you will reach your desired weight if you adhere to the concept and barring any medical conditions that make you otherwise.

So let us start with the calories you are eating everyday. You do not need to go on any starvation or fad diets. All you need to do is just to choose the food you eat more carefully.

Firstly, begin to consume less high calorie or empty calorie food and drinks. Start with avoiding sugary stuff. Consumption of sugary food and drinks will cause a spike in your blood insulin and this will cause your body to store fat. So if you need to have the cup of coffee or tea, then drink them without sugar. Yup, not even artificial sugar as that can also cause your body to accumulate fat, but is too much to explain here.


That being said, avoid any other beverages that contain sugar of any kind. That means your lemonade, soda or any syrupy drinks. Many people who have a sweet tooth can already notice a drop in their weight once they avoid all the sweet stuffs.

Next, zero in on the food you eat. Do you snack with high carbohydrate foods such as cakes, confectionaries, pastries and the likes. These foods are high in caloric content, many of them contain sugars and worse, transfat. You can do without all these. Again, if you snack with these foods frequently, and once you avoid them, you will soon see the pounds dropping away.

Stay away from alcoholic beverages. Alcohol contains plenty of empty calories which do nothing good to your health, but make you put on weight. Oh, so you thought that drinking food juices are fine. Well, they are not! Once you squeeze out the juices from the fruits, many of the fruit’s benefits are lost. The juices may contain some vitamins, but they are simply sugar drinks. As for the vitamins and minerals, you can get them from your vegetables or actual fruits.

Now that you have a caloric reduction in what you eat, let us look at some activities that you can do to ramp up your calorie burning furnace. Take your dog out for regular walks or volunteer to do it for your neighbors who have pet dogs. Do that once in the morning and evening. Let your hair down and enjoy the walk and the scenery.

Don’t like dogs? Then join a dancing class. Dancing can burn a lot of calories. Furthermore, you will get to meet new friends with the same interest and who knows, maybe even your life partner.

Whatever it is, just take up some activities which you can enjoy and keep your body moving to burn off the extra calories. These activities when done with regularity together with good eating habits will help you to lose weight gradually.

So you see, losing weight does not mean that you need to go hungry on some diets, you can still eat what you want except with some exceptions or joining expensive gyms to workout in. Losing weight can be fun and even enjoyable.

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What To Eat To Lose Weight


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