Why Do People Need Catheters In Minneapolis?

byAlma Abell

Medical Catheters in Minneapolis are tubes for delivering fluids, gases or medications to patients or for draining liquid like urine from the body. Examples are chest drainage tubes, vascular access devices and urinary catheters.

Catheters are usually inserted into the blood vessel, duct or body cavity. They can be thin, flexible tubes known as soft catheters and the thicker and more inflexible ones are known as hard catheters. These medical devices can be used for a variety of reasons. A common use for catheters is for managing urinary incontinence. However, there are different types of medical devices for managing the condition.

A standard catheter is a thin, hollow tube that is inserted through the urethra into the bladder for draining out the urine. It is also used for intermittent self-catheterization. An indwelling catheter can be left inside of the body permanently or temporarily. It remains in place and has a balloon on the end that is inflated with sterile water after the end is inside of the bladder. When the balloon inflates, it prevents the tube from coming out. However, people who use this type of device are more likely to develop urinary tract diseases with long term use.

A Texas or condom catheter is a special condom that is placed over the penis and connected to a tube for collecting the urine. This device is only for short term use because the friction may result in urinary tract infections, urethral blockage and damage to the penis. If you are planning to do self-catheterization for medical reasons, then you are going to have to buy medical supplies to set up the device at home. It helps to shop from a medical store with quality products and a steady flow of inventory.

If you want to shop at a store with a complete line of medical products, then you can 4 Day Medical Store for more information. It can be beneficial when shopping from a store that has experience with incontinence and understands your medical issues. You can go to a local branch or shop online for your medical needs. Catheters in Minneapolis provide options for people who want to manage their medical condition from home.